Skyhoundz European Cup (Sicily, June 16)

A big weekend for Hurricane and Peppy Miller: they are at their first time as European Champions!

HURRY is Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance EC 2017
and PEPPY MILLER is Xtreme Distance Microdog EC 2017

And RORY… Se did it again!
She’s again Skyhoundz European Champion (Sport Division)



UFO: Adrian and RORY take 3rd Euro Cup Title! (Aosta, Aug 20)

1 place T&C (Distance)
1 place Freestyle
1 place Open Combinated


Adrian and Rory Freestyle, II round VIDEO: click to play

Adrian Stoica, Video UFO European Cup 2016

Adrian and Rory  T&C: 5 bonus zone! VIDEO: click to play

Adrian and Rory: DIstance, 5 bonus zone. UFO 2016 European Chamions

F/ORME point of view: A day with Adrian Stoica, VIDEO (click to play)

A day with Adrian Stoica, Video

Pic by Alessandro Musicorio, F/ORME

UFO European Champion Freestyle and Distance: Rory!

European Cup UFO 2015

Sept. 20 2015, Drachten (Netherlands):

1- Adrian Stoica & Rory
2- Alen Soldic
3- Eva Zwicker